MMRC organised its first international webinar on the Malaysian Rubber Product Virtual Showcase (MaRViS) platform titled “Reducing Structural Damage with Base Isolation for Earthquake Mitigation in Indonesia''. The webinar aimed to educate and disseminate information on the use of High Damping Natural Rubber Bearings (HDNRB) in building and structures for earthquake protection.

The webinar featured local and international industry experts in the earthquake mitigation field and High-Damping Natural Rubber Bearings (HDNRB) technology. After the presentations, a Q&A session was held to answer questions



Understanding the issues and practical solutions related to structures for earthquake mitigation


Learn about current development on rubber products for civil engineering and industrial sectors


Be informed on earthquake mitigation technology


This seminar presents an excellent opportunity for civil and structural engineers, consultants for engineering, professors and students from universities of engineering, officers from construction firms, relevant organizations and regulatory authorities to know more about reducing structural damage with base isolation for earthquake mitigation in Indonesia and High-Damping Natural Rubber Bearings (HDNRB) and other engineering rubber products for various applications such as construction, marine, railway and mining.

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Reducing Structural Damage with Base Isolation for Earthquake Mitigation in Indonesia
Date: 27 October 2021

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